Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why'd the chicken cross the road....seriously, why?

You thought I was kidding.....but no! Our neighbor from across the street keeps chickens (for what reason I'm not exactly sure) but as Giles and I were resting on our porch last Saturday, here it comes....from across the road (I tried to ask him why he did it but he pleaded the 5th).

Here he is on his way back home. Giles is a skilled chicken whisperer and caught him with little to no trouble.

Ok...Here's what what has transpired with the house...

This is a shot inside our return air vent of how Giles re-routed our wiring to get it to where it needed to be to connect to the box downstairs.

Here's a shot at some of the new wiring. Giles says it's "pretty." I think if you are calling Romex "pretty" you've been working too long and need to get some fresh air. But I guess even I can appreciate the aesthetics of it compared to the jimmy rigged death trap that preceded it...

Another "pretty" wiring shot.

Insulation! This will save us tons of money (seeing as our house currently has NO insulation) AND hopefully get us a nice tax credit ;)

Yes! The first piece of sheet rock! We're really on our way now! And in all seriousness, I think putting up 12 foot peices of sheet rock on the ceiling BY YOURSELF should be an olympic event...Giles gets the Gold, Silver AND Bronze. I'll have to take a picture of the "wooden helper" he constructed to hold up one end of the sheet rock while he's screwing in the other you see why I call him MacGyver?

Ta ta for now! Talk to ya soon!

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