Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Year of Work

Well it's been a little over a year since my last post. But I promise it is not without reason! Although the work load alone was enough to keep us both busy, I no longer had a card reader to get the pictures off of my camera! See? I think that's a pretty good reason. So, thanks dad for the new card reader :) And now, without further ado...Some Christmas pictures from last year (2009) just in time for Christmas this year :)

This next picture is our neighbors across the street...pretty:)

This past summer we built a new fence. If you don't remember our fence from before, here's a few reminders...

This is our fence when we bought the house...lovely.

Then, as if it couldn't get any better, Tulsa had a massive ice storm which further ruined the fence...if you could call it a fence.

So we rented a bobcat and a dumbster to tear down what was left of the fence and pull out the trees in the fence line.

Which brings us to this summer...The sad news is my computer got a virus and I lost the photos of the actual fence building. But, at least I can show the almost final product! (it still needs the cap put on the top of the fence line but you can get the picture).

Tucker loves his new back yard!

But if we're going to be true to the timeline, we would have to interject a few pictures in the middle of our fence-building pictures. You see, we had to take a break from building the fence when our water line broke this past winter! And since you can't exactly tell where the crack is have to do some digging. But, do we hire someone to fix it? Nope! Time to rent some more equipment!
We decided to just replace the whole line from the meter by the street all the way to the house. Our friend Andrew wanted to get in on the bobcat action.

But we no longer have a metal water line to freeze in the winter :)

This summer we also tackled building a shed (we had to get some stuff outside of the house so we could finish tearing it apart)!
First came pouring a concrete pad...luckily we had some help from our neighbor Chris!

I let him take a break every now and then :)

Time to sign off on the job!

I think Tucker was upset that we didn't let him sign earlier with the rest of us. That night he added his signature.

Time to frame it up!

Drum roll please.... Isn't it the cutest shed you've ever seen! Designed and built by my talented husband (he said if he ever build another he'll actually have drawings to make the materials work out and learn).

With the cold weather coming, it was time to move the work inside. We're currently working on the front room/living room and the stairway. I already have some great pictures but I think I'll wait and post those with the finished product pictures...which means you'll have to tune in next time! Mua-ha-ha! Me and my evil plots :) Ta ta for now!