Friday, May 1, 2009

More Fun Finds....and Work

Here's some interesting things we found since we last spoke :)

I found another one of these on the internet and they called it a "World War II Bond Bread Advertising Airplane Ink Pen Blotter" some people refer to them as "advertising cards." Whatever they are, pretty neat huh?

This is an antique key we found by a small miracle. It had apparently been hanging out in our backyard for who knows how long. Well, one weekend we were cleaning out our backyard some more (picking up the extra rocks, sticks, dirt etc left from years past and from the ice storm) after we had a trailer full, we headed off to the dump to unload it all. We arrive at the dump (and to add to the fun, it's now raining) and my husband is about to start shoveling it all from the trailer to the bin at the dump when he notices a small, mud covered key laying on top of some dirt in our trailer. IMAGINE THE ODDS! If that key had been anywhere else in that trailer except for the very top, where he HAPPEND to glance over, it might be lost forever! THE DRAMA...THE TRAGEDY....but I onto the work!

This is a photo showing how the eves on the side of the house are sagging and pulling up the beams in the ceiling. How do you pull them down? Well obviously with a come-along and a few sturdy screws.

See? It worked! The boards are now back together! Sweet success!

Now, how do you do the same thing when there is no beam directly below the ceiling beam to brace onto and pull it down? Well, you create one of these things shown above (partially my idea by the way).

And when that doesn't create enough pulling power but you still have inches to go? You create pushin power by strapping a jack to the top and pushing it down. Of course!

We now also have a framed in future bathroom which will join and be shared by these two bedrooms. Isn't it beautiful?!

Seen from the other bedroom.

And now, some lovely photos of our new front flower beds that we planted last weekend. We wanted to give the front a little color but didn't want to plant heavy shrubs etc since we will be redoing the porch in the near future. Enjoy!

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