Monday, December 22, 2008

Backyard Demo!

This was the condition of our fence after the 2007 Ice Storm (the worst ice storm on Tulsa records. Public Service Company of Oklahoma reported 226,000 customers without service in Tulsa, which is about 78% of their Tulsa customers. Most were without power for about a week). Trees fell all over the city due to the weight of the ice. Debris from falling trees is the main cause of damage to our fence.

Back to the demo! We decided to rent a Bobcat to help clear some of the left over debris and to help remove the trees in our fence line. We also rented a large dumpster to get rid of the old fence and other miscelleneous stuff that we needed hauled off (including the concrete chunks from the broken up driveway that used to extend into our backyard which we "bobcatted" out earlier this year).

This is one of the many methods we used in our tree removal adventures.
1) Hook heavy duty tow strap to bobcat.
2) Loop tow strap around tree
3) Put bobcat in FULL BLAST REVERSE!
This worked pretty well for most trees. We had to get a little more creative for some of the others ;)
Needless to say we filled the dumpster TO THE TOP!! We were praying the dumpster company would take it back with no problems since your only supposed to fill it "level" and ours had a little bit of a hill on top :)

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